How much rent can you get from your ADU?

Rents differ significantly across the state based on the residence place and how well finished your garage studio apartment is. While you don’t want to go over your budget, investing in the best work you can afford will help your ADU get the highest and fastest rental possible. Stainless steel appliances, Quartz countertops and excellent basic light fixtures will attract better tenants.

Click the links below on the major rental markets to see actual available rentals:

These rents vary from person to person, and your best source is to consider local rentals because you know about the neighborhoods in your city very well. Apart from finishes and residential location, there are some other variables that have great importance. It would be great if you were pet friendly. Is there any private outdoor space, laundry, parking area, pool and other similar features? All these features can make a huge difference. Remember! No short-term rentals are allowed; the law requires rental terms longer than 30 days. These new ADU laws are intended to assist California’s housing crisis, not add ‘hotel rooms’.

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