View your model in your yard

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Augmented Reality Model Placer App

See your model in the spot you plan on placing your model

Model Placer

Instantly place your model right in the spot you are thinking about building

Try on multiple models

Quickly and easily "try-on" different models instantly on the app.

Look through windows

See what you will be looking at from your yard.  Also walk into the model to take a look at what the view out looks like.

Visualize Set Backs

Rotate and move the model instantly on the app to see what the model will look like with your needed set backs.

Digitally Measure

There is a digital tape measure built into the app, making it easy to measure where to place the model. 

Capture and Share

Instantly screen capture your model to include for the builder and permitting. 

When should I use the AR app vs the VR experience?

  • Gain important perspective on the scale, size and flow of the interior

  • Explore interior options and designs.  VR headset needed.

  • A full life sized experience in Virtual Reality (100% digital environment)

  • Instantly tour numerous interior without leaving your home

  • Best for nailing down the model size, orientation and placement

  • A mix of the real world build site and the digital 3D full sized model

  • No need for a VR headset, just grab your smartphone

  • Requires user to download the Ohana AR App

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How to Use the AR Mobile App

It's never been easier to quickly see your model in full 3D scale.  No need to wait for a 3D rendering instantly see your model in full scale where you are planning on building.  On the fence about what model to choose? 

Make clearer more decisive decisions with more confidence after seeing the model in the spot you are planning on building.  

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