California Homeowners Can Legally Add a Rental Unit to Their Property

ADUs are tiny houses built on the same property as the existing home. ADUs ADU can be separated from the home or can be attached to the primary residence. ADUs are inexpensive to provide extra housing without having to buy another separate home.

Is it legal to build ADUs in California?

The laws in California are now changed; everyone is allowed to build an ADU on their property. You can recognize these little houses by their different names. ADUs offer affordable and additional housing for those who want to make their property more livable. As housing in California is expensive, ADUs are the popular choice for residents of California. there are different names for ADUs; some of them are:

  • Casitas
  • Granny Units
  • In-Law Quarters
  • Rental Studio
  • Guest Houses
  • Secondary homes
  • Cottages

It’s quite easy to understand them by their names. Homeowners can build an additional home on their current property. The new California regulations allow the homeowners to change or add to their existing property.

It is the turning point for all the homeowners who want to accommodate some family members or wish to earn some extra money to pay back their loan with a rental unit. California is an expensive state where the prospect of becoming a landlord appears to be impossible for most people.

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