How can I get ADU to permit? Where do I begin getting ADU?

From where you should begin? Are the rules in California the same for every individual? Well! Unluckily, the regulations in every country and city in California slightly differ. You need to contact local offices to verify your property regulations.

  • Planning department – restrictions and lot policies
  • Sewer local – municipal or environmental health
  • Cal green – constructing materials and recycling
  • Water company – wells and water restrictions
  • Fire – zone or fire alarms systems
  • Solar – requirements
  • Building department – restrictions and requirements

That may sound like a lot? Like some other companies, we also offer feasibility studies services. Generally, we collect all the information related to your property and describe it in a way that is understandable.

ADUs act as a considerable asset that enhances the value of your living property. A feasibility study is considered the first step to constructing your ADU; it will explain everything regarding your property, the requirements, and the regulations. After that, you need to choose which kind of ADU will suit you and how big it can be?

If you are strictly constructing ADU for rental purposes or setting it up for a home office, it is better to create a separate ADU over the attached one; this option will be comfortable for you.

However, an attached ADU will be better if the purpose of constructing it is to expand your central home space while creating an extra residential area for a close relative.

Anyhow, ADU provides a number of advantages to homeowners; whether it is helping someone find affordable housing, providing economic security, offering accommodation for a dear one, or facilitating everyone to access decent housing, they are the best investment.

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