How can ADUs be used?

There are many uses for an accessory dwelling unit for homeowners, and now many California laws are making ADUs powerful. Earlier, many homeowners used to hide their ADUs in their garage and rented them out to friends and family members. And if you were caught because of ADUs in California, then you could face a hefty fine, and at least you would have to clear all the traces of bathrooms, living rooms and kitchen. The Local Building Department would also ask the owners to cover all sewer pipes. But now, ADUs are legally allowed, and homeowners can use their property as they want. It can be used as:

  • An affordable place for adult children that feels like their own
  • Accommodation for elderly parents
  • Home office space
  • Unit of rental income
  • Homeowners who want to reduce the size of their main home and use it as a source of income.
  • Rental unit owned by a non-owner

There are infinite possibilities! Governor of California Newsom has signed into the first law since 2019 with additional changes and reforms to help homeowners.

“ADU is an accessory dwelling unit with fully independent housing facilities for one or more than one individual, and there are some variations:

  • Attached: The ADU that is connected to the main home
  • Detached: The ADU is separated from the main house
  • Converted existing space: space (for instance, a storage area, an attached garage, a master bedroom, or an ancillary structure on the base of the primary residence that is transformed into an independent unit).
  • JADU (Junior Accessory Dwelling Unit): A particular type of existing space change that exists entirely within the existing or proposed single-family home.

Do I want an ADU? Why?

Well! You want an ADU, and sometimes maybe two. Even if you own a small property, you can easily transform your garage into an ADU. Many people only use the garage as a storage area and do not even park their cars these days. You can include a small kitchen and a bathroom and possibly a studio-style living space or a bedroom in your existing garage. It can have a side entrance to your property completely separate from the main house for anyone to come and go. Also, try to add a window for natural light and a secure way to exist for emergencies or fire, and you can have a peaceful little house for yourself, your friends or relatives. You will be happy when you start earning from a garage conversion ADU.

Do you want to know about more options? You may be able to subdivide a portion of your existing home into a Junior dwelling unit of about 500 square feet. It can be a one-bedroom with its entrance attached to a small kitchen. This ADU can share the washroom with the primary residence, making it the most reasonable choice for a close relative while still keeping a private entrance. And also, you can use this ADU as a rental unit. Or one option is that you can live in this ADU and rent out the main house. Either the main home or JADU, one of them should be owner-occupied.

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