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Embracing Tiny House Living: Moving Toward a Simpler, Happier Life

Guest Post from Tina Martin On average, Americans work 47 hours per week, or the equivalent of an extra day of work. That supercharged work schedule isn’t compensated for, no matter the salary, because of our limited down time. However, many Americans are trapped in a cycle of debt, living paycheck to paycheck. Consequently stress, and the physical and psychological complications that go along with...

Tiny House Zoning Approved in Placer County, CA

Great news Placer County!  Tiny home zoning has been approved.  So what does this mean for people interested in tiny homes? The Board of Supervisors approved ordinances that so permit such units throughout the unincorporated areas of the county that stretches from Sacramento to Lake Tahoe. “Placer County not only has approved movable tiny homes as ADUs, but also for cluster development and on...

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