Instantly Tour

Your Configured Model in VR

Play Video

Get crystal clear on
what you are building

Avoid costly design changes mid project

Save yourself both precious time and  money by avoiding and changes in the design once the project has started. 

Make building decisions faster and with more confidence.

Know the finished look of the model before you start

Tour your unbuilt model in full life size scale.  Walk the layout, see the room scale and the flow of the floor plan instantly. 

Step for using an Oculus Quest

Go to the Oculus Browser

Put your Oculus Quest VR headset on and navigate to the Brower

Navigate to

Go to in the Oculus Browser. 

Find the model that you are interested in or sign into your buyer portal to pull up your customized models. 

Click on the VR Button

In the bottom right corner (scroll down) and press the gray button to open the VR experience 

How to use the VR Experience

watch the video or follow the steps below

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